Kontari + Music Training

Landarbaso Abesbatza

What is KONTARI?

KONTARI is telling stories by singing. The stories are not just to tell them, but also to sing them! Music stories, songs from movies and songs from around the world

For What?

  • To have fun and enjoy music
  • To tell stories through singing and movement
  • To take healthy vocal habits dynamically
  • To work in groups and encourage cooperation

¿Para quién?

Para alumnos/as a partir de 3°EP


En la sede de Landarbaso Abesbatza


¿Quieres contactar con nosotros/as?

Por mail: [email protected];
Por móvil: +34 717778850 (también por Whatsapp)


  • Un día a la semana 15 €/mes
  • Dos días 20 €/mes
  • Matricula 50€

(socios colaboradores matricula gratuita)*

* cuota minima anual de socio colaborador: 30€

Our little great artists

It is a privilege to enjoy with these great artists