Landarbaso Abesbatza has won the 1st PRIZE with 90,3 points in the mixed choir category in the  Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.  In addition to this prize, the choir has won a commendable 3rd prize in folk category, CONGRATULATIONS for everybody!!!

Landarbaso Abesbatza has been in Wales from the July 10th to July 14th, in the 67th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. This Music Festival is the oldest of Europe and it consists of choir, dance and solo competitions. There were 26 sections altogether and Landarbaso has participated in the folk and mixed choir categories.

On July 10th, after all the day travelling, we arrived at 20:00 to our hotel in Chester (England). As we had to compete in the folk category at 9:00 next morning, we did not have too much time to rest. In spite of that Landarbaso won the 3rd prize performing Mokoroa’s ‘Neure Maitena’ and Ezkurra’s ‘Aritz adarrean Kattalin’. Landarbaso, due to the folk competition’s rules, participated in this category in two groups of 20 singers which means even more difficulty; however, Landarbaso got a 3th place. The second group performed Sarasola’s ‘Hator Hator’ and Guridi’s ‘Akerra Ikusi Degu’.

On July 11th and 12th, we did not have any competition so that we took advantage of that time in order to prepare the mixed choir competition. Apart from singing we also had time to visit Llangollen and Chester and even to take part in different interviews in the BBC Radio and in the competition’s tv channel. We really enjoyed those days thanks to the good weather (everyday around 30 ºC).

On July 13th (Saturday) we were the first choir participating at 9:00 o’clock in the morning. We sang Padilla’s ‘Deus in Audiutorium Meum Intende’, Julio Dominguez’ ‘Deus,qui illuminas’ and Eric Esenvalds’ ‘Stars’ and we won the FIRST PRIZE!!!!! It was a moving moment for all of us; laughs, tears, shouts…wonderful!!!!

This prize had another prize. The winners of mixed, chamber, female and male choirs had to sing in a last gala where ‘Choir of the World’ was chosen. It was a beautiful experience to sing in front of 4000 people. In this case we sang Lauridsen’s ‘Sure on this shining night’, Whitacre’s ‘Cloudburst’ and Mence’s ‘Kalejs Kala’ but Adelaide proffesional choir from Sidney won.

Years come and go, we continue working every Saturday afternoon but our work has its reward and the most important thing, we will never lose our enthusiasm!!!!

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