Around the 3rd week of May MUSIKASTE FESTIVAL is celebrated every year in Errenteria (Basque Country). On 12th May will be held the opening of the festival with a conference about Francisco Escudero, one of the most important basque musician of the last century. During the whole week several performances of contemporary, chamber and early music will take place in the “Errenteria Hiria Kulturgunea” (Culture Center of Errenteria) at 20:00. 18th May the Choral Music day will be celebrated with the participation of LANDARBASO ABESBATZA together with other Basque groups like Coral Andra Mari (Errenteria), Ipar Soñi (Derio) and the vocal group of Suesatio (Vitoria-Gasteiz) in the Fatima Church of Errenteria at 20:30. On 19th May the last perfornce will take place. Orereta Abesbatza will interpretate the “Sinfonia Mitikoa” (Mythical Symphony) of Escudero.

Landarbaso Choir will interpretate three different pieces:

  • Kaiku (Alexander Lesbordes)
  • Iturengo Arotza (Junkal Guerrero)
  • Cantate Domino (Josu Elberdin)

Landarbaso will commemorate the centerany of Lesbordes’ date of birth with the interpretation of “Kaiku”. However, during the whole week several Basque musicias will be remembered as it can be observed in the following list:


2nd Centenary of the birth of:
Venancio HERRASTI (Aretxabaleta, 1812-1887)
1st Centenary of the death of:
Cleto ZAVALA (Bilbao, 1847-1912)
Valentín de ARÍN (Ordizia, 1854-1912)
Antonio REYNOSO (Bilbao, 1869-1912)
2nd Centenary of the birth of:
Serafín ARGAIZ (Pamplona, 1912-1967)
Alexander LESBORDES (Baigts de Béarn, 1912-1969)
Mª Victoria FIGUERIDO (Irun, 1912-1972)
Francisco ARRARÁS (Pamplona, 1912-1978)
José de AZPIAZU (Oñati, 1912-1986)
Primitivo AZPIAZU (Zumarraga, 1912-1990)
José GAINZA (Gernika, 1912-1992)
José León URRETA (Donostia, 1912-1998)
Francisco ESCUDERO (Donostia, 1912-2002)
This festival founded in 1973 in Errenteria has become in one of the most important references of the Basque music and it is a great honor for Landarbaso to be able to participate in Musikaste. All the details of all the performances can be found in the following website:

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