Landarbaso Abesbatza Great Winner of the Bali International Festival Landarbaso Abesbatza has participated in the 8th International Coral Festival of Bali, Indonesia, between July 23 and 27 obtaining two gold medals in the modalities of mixed choirs and sacred music. In addition, in the grand final held on July 27, in which the winners of the 16 modalities of the festival (from a total of 104 choirs) have participated, Landarbaso has been the absolute winner of the festival, obtaining the Grand Prix.

This last prize is the most important obtained in the history of the group and one of the most notable awards won by a Basque choir ever. It brings also the achievement of being nominated for the Asian Grand Prix to be held in Bali in 2021. The Asian Grand Prix is formed by the competitions of Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore and Landarbaso Abesbatza will represent the first of them.

In the 8th International Bali Competition, more than 4000 singers from countries like Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Thailand and South Africa have participated. The jury has been formed by 20 members, all of them being musicians of international prestige , such us Stoyan Kuret (Slovenia), Lorenzo Donati (Italy), Anton Arnstromg and Cameron F. Labbar o(USA), Dang Chau Anh (Vietnam), Jude Roldan (Philippines), Susanna Saw (Malaysia) or Seundarie Davidrodrigo (Sri Lanka).

Landarbaso Abesbatza presented for the grand final with 38 members, and sang Lau Teilatu (which is a piece expressly arranged for this choir by the Italian composer AlessandroCadario), along with PaterNoster by Vytautas Miskinis.

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