Yesterday, 3rd August, Landarbaso Abesbatza offered a great performance within the opening day of the Donostia-San Sebastian Musical Fortnight festival in the reopened San Telmo Museum. It must be mentioned that it was a pleasure for Landarbaso to be able to participate in the oldest musical festival of Spain.

The performance was divided in two different parts. The concert started with the interpretation of four pieces written by Fauré for mixed choirs and piano: Pavanne, Madrigal, Le Djinns and Cantique de Jean Racine. Afterwards four motets of Mauricé Duruflé were interpreted: Ubi Caritas et Amor, Tota Pulchra Es, Tu es Petrus y Tantum Ergo. The second part of the performance consisted of basque polyphonic and folk songs of the 20th and 21st Century. Thus, the interpreted songs were Aunitz Urtez of Jon Oñatibia, Kaiku of Alexander Lesbordes, Kitolis of Luis Aramburu, Akerra ikusi degu of Jesús Guridi, Neskatx’ Ederra of Xabier Sarasola, Cantate Domino of Josu Elberdin and finaly Kalejs Kala Debesis of Selga Mence.

The performance had a great success but unfortunately, due to the capacity of the auditorium and security reasons, many people were not able to enjoy  the concert. However, the ones that were able to go in shared with us all their happiness and enthusiasm during and after the performance.

It is time for holidays. It has been a really hard but an awesome year. It must be mentioned that Landarbaso took place in  two different competitions this year: in the Tolosa International Choir Contest getting a 3rd prize in polyphonic music section and in the International Choir Competition of Spitall an der Drau (Austria) getting a 2nd prize also in polyphonic music. Moreover, the choir has participated in Musikaste Festival and offered different performances in the Basque Country as well as in other places in Spain.

We would like to thank to all those who have been supporting and encouraging us during the whole year. Your support help us facing the new challenges with renovated energy and excitement. Thanks!


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