Landarbaso after several months of rehearsal affront an exciting moth of april. In addition to the concerts that they will offer in the Sacred Cycle of Hondarribia the first weekend and at Donibane Lohitzune (France) invited by the Choeur d’Hommes Arin almost at the end of the month, their most important performing will be the show that they will offer on 23 April in the church of Fatima at Errenteria to remember the bombing of Gernika (Vizcaya), when its 80th anniversary is now fulfilled.

Landarbaso Abesbatza has prepared the show titled ‘Gernika: from darkness to light’ with his children’s choir Kontari and Verdini Dancing Group from Donostia, a show in which dance and choral music are combined to recreate different scenes to recreate how it could be that day in Gernika. All this with an unbeatable fund a 9×3 meters mural of Picasso’s Gernika painting maken by the students of the Orereta school of Errenteria, who kindly collaborated by giving up their work for this show.