Landarbaso is already working on their next big project, and it is called ETERNAL. The songs of this concert will guide us through the cycles of life: from the chords of the first song that create the Tree of Life to the leaves of a tree that touch the sky and dissapear among the clouds. Birth, life, death, eternal life… a spiritual musical journey.

Many people will take part on this touching performance: Landarbaso Choir, Dizdizka from Landarbaso, Esther Barandiaran (piano), Iñaki Letamendia (percusion), Javier Arruabarrena (French horn), Josu Mitxelena (live voice), Juan Ignacio Emme (cello) eta Elixabet Jauregi (performance and stage). Great opportunity to celebrate Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians.


At the end of November Landarbaso will also give a concert in Guggenheim museum of Bilbao, as one of the main performance of Fair Saturday Festival. Thousands of artists come together during Fair Saturday to create something unforgettable and provoke a mass mobilisation of people for art and culture. All this to show that culture is not important, but essential for society, fundamental for the construction of a richer and equal society.