Back to rehearsing!

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el 15 June 2020
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After the Covid 19 and the alarm status, Landarbaso Abesbatza will resume its rehearsals following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and under the protocol that the Basque Government has carried out for rehearsals with choral groups. The Musikart and Kontari training groups, and the Musik Training, percussion and guitar workshops will resume their activity in September. Landarbasoko Dizdizka will carry out some final rehearsals in June.

Although all the scheduled performances have been delayed or suspended, Landarbaso Abesbatza is doing intense work to participate in the recording of the documentary that EITB is preparing around the 10th anniversary of the death of Xabier Lete. The participation will consist of the interpretation of the famous Habanera by Xabier Lete together with the singer from Hernani Ainara Ortega.

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