Landarbaso Doinuak, the brand that joins the different groups of Landarbaso Abesbatza Elkartea will be presenting the special AFRIKA concert, which will take place next November 23rd at 20:00 at the parish Nuestra Señora de  Fátima in Errenteria. In addition to Landarbaso, the training groups of Landarbaso School will also take part in the concert.

During this special performance, which is inspired in the African works so dear to the repertoire of Landarbaso, the audience will be able to listen to works from Africa, black music and South African writers. In addition to this music that speaks to us of feelings, the repertoire sung by Landarbaso during Bali 2019 contest will have its place and, of course, we will find some surprises.

It should be noted that, in July 2019, during the 8th International Choral Festival of Bali to Indonesia, Landarbaso Abesbatza received two gold medals, in each category on which they took part, and obtained the Grand Prix, being the best chorus among 104 participants. As Landarbaso has done several times, this tim, too, some music has also been brought by Landarbaso in the suitcase, and they will show up that music in this concert.

It will be a continuous performance with no stops, during which the public will be led to the African continent in a moving story, being the leaders of this trip Kontari, Landarbasoko Dizdizka and Landarbaso Abesbatza.

It should also be noted that this special concert, close to the Feast of St. Cecilia, was chosen by the Mayor of Errenteria to pay tribute to Landarbaso by their success in Bali. The prizes and trophies obtained by our group will be shown in a showcase at the sight of all attendants and the Town Council will recognize the most important success of the choir throughout its history.

Tickets for this concert can be purchased as usual: at the ticket office in Niessen, one hour before the concert at the very entrance of the church, and on-line They will cost 6 € for adults and 3 for children under 12 years old.