Landarbaso Choir has participated in the 49th International Choir Competition of Spittal an der Drau in Austria getting the 2nd prize in polyphonic music section. Landarbaso has competed with other 9 different groups like the APZ Tone Tomsic (Eslovenia), Akustika Chamber Singers (Southafrica) or  Suginami Gakuin Kikuka (Japan).

It must be mentioned the remark of the jury about the high musical level showed by all the choirs, which were chosen among more than 200 inscriptions.

The competition was divided in two different sections: folk music section and polyphonic music section, which was divided in two different performances. Thus, on Friday evening (6th July) folk music section took place and Landarbaso resulted in the 4th position after the interpretation of “Neskatx´Ederra”  (Sarasola), “Kitolis” (Aramburu) and “Akerra ikusi degu” (Guridi).

On Saturday (7th July) polyphonic section took place divided in two different performances. In the morning the required 3 pieces (“Musica noster amor” (Gailus), “Beati quorum via” (Stanford) & “Trinklied” (Thurnher)) were interpreted in the auditorium of Spittal an der Drau. In the evening the three free choice pieces were interpreted inside Porcia castle. In this case, Landarbaso sang “Cantate Domino” of Josu Elberdin, “Jubilate Deo” of Ko Matsushita and “Kalejs Kala Debesis” of Selga Mence.

Another aspect that should be remarked is the great atmosphere existing among all participants. Both, on Friday and on Saturday, just at the end of the corresponding performance and while we were waiting the results of the jury, all the choirs sang different really nice songs to each other as well as the 3 required pieces.

Finally, the illusion of all Landarbaso members must be pointed out. In the last years this choir has won lots of international prizes (in Tolosa, Tours, in the olympic games of China, California, Debrezen…) but nobody has lost the illusion, the hope which is really necessary to success and it could be noticed in our eyes, in our happiness after knowing the prize.

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